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This Is The Most Important Time Of The Year Regarding Your Medicare Health Plan Choices


  • ...Getting tons of junk mail  
  • ...Bombarded with sales calls

It does nothing but add to the clutter & confusion

Agents and Insurance Companies...

  • ...Only care about making a sale
  • ...Are not listening to what YOU want 

Which is...



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My Promise To You

Have a Question, I will Help You Find An Answer

  • Do you need help understanding your policy and/or benefits?
  • Want to compare what you have with other options?
  • Getting bills you don't understand, or think are wrong? 

I Will Not Ask For Any Personal Information

In most cases all I need is your age and zip code in order to:

  • Compare your plan vs. any other in your area
  • Quote Medicare Advantage or Medigap
  • Find the most suitable drug plan

I Will Not Ask You To Buy Anything

If we find a program that benefits you...

You have the choice of 

  • Asking me to help you enroll
  • Calling the Ins company yourself to enroll
  • Going to another agent to help you enroll

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Take control of your healthcare by getting informed, doing so  will empower you to get the right coverage and maximize your savings.

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